Learn from instructors with real world expertise. Our instructors are our engineers with experience deploying and operating some of the largest and most complex deployments. We offer a range of online and on-site courses including OpenStack, Docker, Ceph, Puppet, Linux KVM and Linux XEN:

Available Courses


Free OpenStack Training: Introduction to Private Clouds

This online 3 hour free OpenStack Training covers the fundamentals of the OpenStack IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) solution used for creating a private cloud.


OpenStack Training: Private Cloud Administration & COA Exam Prep

This 4 day online OpenStack Training covers the fundamentals of the OpenStack open source IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution.


OpenStack Training: Deployment & Advanced Administration

This 4 day online OpenStack Training builds on the basic OpenStack skills gained on the OST-104 course and will enhance the users knowledge with more in-depth information.


OpenStack Training: Developer Deep Dive

This 1 day online OpenStack Training helps individuals to get on their feet with contributing upstream, and to get familiar with the OpenStack development process.


OpenStack Training: OpenStack Murano

This 1 day online OpenStack Training is designed for OpenStack devops professionals, system administrators and developers who want to understand Murano in more depth.


Troubleshooting OpenStack – Free Study Guide for the COA Exam

A quick reference free study guide to use for troubleshooting OpenStack components including Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder Ceilometer, Swift and Heat.


Linux KVM Virtualisation Training

This 2 day online course covers Linux KVM virtualisation, including virtualisation basics, hardware components, KVM installation, admin tools, KVM guests and advanced topics.


Docker Training: Docker Container Essentials

This 3 day online Docker Training covers all the core features of Docker containers. Emphasis is placed on best practices and how to secure Docker installations and containers.


Kubernetes Training: Kubernetes Container Essentials

This 2 day online Kubernetes Training covers how to install and setup Kubernetes, automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerised apps.


Network Function Virtualisation Training: NFV Introduction

This half day online NFV Training introduces you to Network Function Virtualisation. You will learn about the origins, basic concepts, architecture and building blocks, as well examples of typical NFV usage types and implementations.


Software Defined Networking Training: SDN Introduction

This half day online SDN Training introduces you to Software Defined Networking. You will learn about the origins, basic concepts, architecture and building blocks, as well examples of typical SDN usage types and implementations.


SDN & NFV Training: SDN & NFV Introduction

This 1 day online SDN NFV Training introduces Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation, their relationship in future networks and their coexistence with current generation equipment and systems.


Ceph Training: Ceph Storage Essentials

This 2 day online Ceph Training covers the main concepts and architecture of Ceph storage, its installation and daily operation as well as using Ceph storage in OpenStack environments.

Customised & On-site Group Learning

Aptira also offers customised and on-site group courses. If your organisation needs to focus on particular technologies, or needs unusual learning outcomes (eg sales/presales enablement, development techniques for cloud native applications) then Aptira can provide you with an unbiased understanding. Contact us for more information.

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