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A Workload migration engine designed to automatically move existing workloads and virtual machines from various previous generation virtualisation platforms on to OpenStack.

When organisations move from their existing virtualised infrastructures to OpenStack, one of the biggest problems they face is the migration of VMs running on VMWare, Hyper-V, etc., to OpenStack. Most of the time, this process can involve time consuming, repetitive and complicated steps like moving machines with multiple virtual disks, removal and installation of customised hypervisor specific tools and manually copying the data across. GEMINI solves this problem by providing an automated, efficient and robust way to migrate VMs from existing clouds to OpenStack.

GEMINI aims to make the move to an OpenStack cloud easier. It addresses the various difficulties operators and administrators face when migrating workloads from existing clouds on to OpenStack.

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To see all the features of GEMINI without reading through this web page, we’ve made a 1 minute video to show you how easy cloud migrations can be using GEMINI.

Ready to move to a new Cloud?
Do it with GEMINI.


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