OpenStack Services

Aptira are the Australian, Indian and APAC OpenStack experts. We can assist you in assessing your cloud requirements and where required design, develop, deliver and support an OpenStack based cloud to suit your needs. Aptira provides a range of services including:

OpenStack Consulting
We can assist you in:
  • deploying a private, public or hybrid cloud architecture using OpenStack and other commercial cloud infrastructure
  • migrating application architectures to OpenStack
  • moving your organisation to private cloud.
OpenStack Integration
We can assist you in:
  • integrating OpenStack with a wide variety of F/OSS and commercial storage, compute or networking products
  • choosing the most appropriate products based on Aptira’s strong regional relationships with major technology vendors
  • engaging with your R&D department in order to develop and customise OpenStack to meet your needs.
OpenStack Leadership


Aptira is a global leader in the delivery of OpenStack based cloud computing platforms, from a single server through to thousands of servers. Led by Tristan Goode, a founding and 4 times elected member of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, Aptira is a Gold Member Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and specialises in hosting, architecture, engineering, delivery, management, maintenance and evangelisation of OpenStack to a wide range of service provider, government, educational, scientific and enterprise customers. Aptira also promotes, resells and supports a myriad of commercial OpenStack and OpenStack based products.

Aptira founded and is the primary sponsor and host of the Australian OpenStack User Group, and the Indian Openstack User Group where you can meet around 1000 “OzStackers” and around 4000 “InStackers”.

So call or contact us today to find out more about OpenStack and our extensive range of services.