Aptira and Canonical

Making Open Source Software Available to People Everywhere

Aptira and Canonical have partnered to deliver solutions without the cost and complexity of operating system development, software engineering or global content distribution agreements.

Canonical partners with industry leaders, providing the services needed to ensure hardware and software works optimally with the Ubuntu platform. This means working with OEMs, ODMs, ISVs and IHVs, delivering the software and services to complement their core competencies in design, manufacture and distribution.

Aptira Partner: Canonical

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About Canonical

The Power of Open Source to Change the World

Canonical was created alongside Ubuntu to help it reach a wider market. Canonical’s services help governments and businesses the world over with migrations, management and support for their Ubuntu deployments. Together with our partners, Canonical ensure that Ubuntu runs reliably on every platform from the PC and the smartphone to the server and, crucially, the cloud.

Canonical believes in the power of open source software; Ubuntu could not exist without its worldwide community of voluntary developers. They are committed to creating it, refining it, certifying it for reliability and promoting its use. As well as launching and running our own projects, we contribute staff, code and funding to many more.

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It is our mission to make open source software available to people everywhere. We believe the best way to fuel innovation is to give the innovators the technology they need.

“At the heart of everything we do is Ubuntu, an open source software platform that runs everywhere from the Internet of Things to the cloud. Our services ensure that it is certified for use on devices, PCs, servers and cloud infrastructure — public or private.”

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