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Aptira has partnered with Componentsoft to provide a broad range of technology training so you can learn from instructors with real world expertise. Our instructors are our engineers with experience deploying and operating some of the largest and most complex deployments. We offer a range of online and on-site courses including OpenStack, Docker, Ceph, Puppet, Linux KVM and Linux XEN.

Aptira Technology Training Partner: Componentsoft

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About Componentsoft

Open Cloud Training and Consultation

With its 20+ years of experience in open source IT infrastructure and programming languages and recently in cloud technologies Component Soft offers training, consultation and support services for its enterprise customers throughout Europe and beyond.

Componentsoft is a Training Partner of the OpenStack Foundation, a Kubernetes Certified Service Partner, a Kubernetes Training Provider and a Red Hat Technology Partner. Their main specialties are OpenStack, Docker and Kubernetes in cloud technologies, Linux, MySQL, Tomcat and JBoss in IT infrastructure as well as Python and Java Spring in programming languages.

Besides regularly delivering training in these topics from Hungary to Ireland and from Sweden to Spain, they also provide support and consultation for mission critical enterprise systems of our customers using the same technologies.

Aptira Partners: Componentsoft

We describe our professional expertise with triple O: Oracle, Open Source and OpenStack.

“The mission of Component Soft is to provide high quality IT trainings and consultation for corporate and governmental customers within the European Union on the area of complete IT infrastructure and software development as well as to develop course books and course lab environments for similar IT training companies.”

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