Aptira Partner: Cumulus Networks
Aptira and Cumulus

Redefining Data Centre Networking

Aptira and Cumulus have partnered to assist OpenStack customers in deploying the supported open source networking stack designed for enterprises, service providers and Cloud platforms.

Cumulus is leading the transition of the data centre market from a closed and proprietary environment to one that embraces open, standards-based systems. Unlike anyone else in the market, they build networking products purely with Linux. Cumulus’ customers can leverage its standard interfaces and rich ecosystem to achieve a new level of control of cost and operations  — previously accessible only to the largest web-scale operators.

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About Cumulus

Bringing Web-Scale Networking to the Enterprise Cloud

As the only systems solution that fully unlocks the vertical network stacks of the modern data centre, Cumulus Linux allows companies of all sizes to affordably build and efficiently operate their networks just like the world’s largest data centres. By allowing operators to use standard hardware components, Cumulus Networks offers unprecedented operational speed and agility, at the industry’s most competitive cost.

By transitioning to open networking, organizations of all sizes can affordably build and efficiently operate your network like the world’s largest data centres. Customers can run their data centres networks the way Google and Facebook have done for years — highly automated, flexible and efficient, without all the development time or expensive, specialized hardware. We call it web-scale networking.

Aptira Partners: Cumulus

Cumulus' mission is to build better, faster, and easier networks

“Our joint solution represents a new way to meet the performance and networking needs of OpenStack users. As our customers consider their choices for OpenStack deployments, this partnership enables the delivery of best-in-class network virtualisation with dramatically reduced costs.”

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