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Providing Greater Network Control and Flexibility

With the help of our good friends at Noviflow and their SDN switches, we’re able to deliver consistent, seamless, edge-to-core SDN based centralisation and control. These switches were specifically designed for deployment in carrier networks and data centre looking to leverage the benefits of software-defined networking to improve the cost/performance, security, scalability and flexibility of networks. Applications include SD-WAN, SDN-based Access Networks, Network Optimization, NFV, EPC, Cloud, and Hyperscale Networking.

This allows us to provide fully programmable forwarding planes ideal for use in SDN, NFV, CORD, switching, routing and cyber security. NoviFlow Inc. provides high-performance Programmable SDN/OpenFlow switching solutions to network operators, data centres, government agencies and enterprises seeking greater control and flexibility over their networks.

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About Noviflow

High-Performance Programmable Forwarding Planes

NoviFlow is a leading vendor of High-Performance SDN Network Operating Software (NOS), Cybersecurity Middleware and Programmable Network Solutions to network operators, data centre operators, enterprises and government agencies seeking greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security over their networks.
NoviFlow was established in 2012 and has offices in Sunnyvale, Montreal, and Seattle.
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We make networks truly programmable

“NoviFlow is working and partnering with leading players in the SDN community. Our network processor based solutions will help your products shine, and your applications deliver on the potential of OpenFlow and network virtualization.”

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