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Everyone knows that the right tool for the trade makes work a whole lot easier. For unique business requirements, we provide custom development and cutting-edge tools that automate, deliver new features more quickly than your competition, and save precious time and money for the better things in life. Let our Solutionaut develop a custom solution for you, all without you having to lift a finger.


Custom Development Tailored to Meet Your Requirements

Software is eating the world! We live in a world of software-defined everything. Our enterprise customers know that innovative applications of software are critical for transforming and growing businesses.  In order to support the innovation process, Aptira’s DevOps services can help your business shift application products to market faster and easier.

Custom development is one of our pillars of competence, and we have completed projects for several leading storage vendors, government funded initiatives and education/research consortia. Our team can develop a solution that will drive innovation or we can work alongside you to provide mentoring and lead your team to achieve your development goals.

Each solution is comprehensive and unique to fit your requirements and can easily be integrated into your business workflow, resulting in reduced cost and complexity. You’ll also have complete peace of mind knowing that your solutions is supported 24/7 by our dedicated engineers across the globe. We can provide traditional support to your IT team, or you can leverage our world-class, follow the sun DevOps team.

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Custom Development
Each solution is comprehensive and unique to fit your requirements
Simplified Solutions
Dramatic reduction in cost and complexity
World Class Expertise
Dedicated teams across the globe, aligned to enable rapid deployment
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Integrated Solutions


Optimal Performance without the Pricetag

Put simply, Aptira’s DevOps & Custom Development as-a-Service will provide custom, fully integrated, turn-key solutions encompassing various technologies to suit your business. Aptira can give your IT team the productivity boost that your business needs by making infrastructure management a thing of the past.

Every single piece of infrastructure is API driven, allowing complex deployments of network, compute and storage resources to be automated. Fast, repeatable deployments, minimised error rates and the flexibility to ensure that IT isn’t a drag on your business’ ability to deliver what your customers need.

Aptira Kubernetes Container Orchestration
Aptira ONAP: Multi Cloud Network Orchestration

System Integration

Reduce Complexity, Improve Efficiency

We understand that you are probably looking for integration with your existing billing, monitoring and provisioning systems rather than having yet another system pushed on you. We can work with your existing infrastructure teams to get the desired level of integration between an Aptira implemented DevOps solution and those systems.

If you have specific requirements, and there aren’t any tools on the market to suit your needs – let us know. Our Inventor of Solutionauting can provide you with a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements.

Custom Tools

Custom Development – Building a Custom Tool for you

Two custom tools we have created for customers recently are GEMINI: a Workload Migration Engine designed to automatically move workflows and VM’s between platforms, and StackBuffet: OpenStack Continuous Integration as-a-service that builds and tests customised OpenStack packages. These tools were created as each customer had a specific problem and there weren’t any tools available on the market that would meet their needs.

GEMINI is a workload migration engine designed to automatically move workflows and virtual machines between virtualisation/cloud platforms. It can be used to migrate Virtual Machines from a traditional virtualisation platform to OpenStack, migrate VMs between two OpenStack clouds, and migrate between public and private cloud environments.

StackBuffet is an OpenStack Continuous Delivery as a service tool that builds and tests customised packages.Users provide a code base, which can be a fork of upstream source with required patches, to StackBuffet and StackBuffet does all the building and testing work for the users and generates ready-to-use packages. These packages will then be placed in a package repository, being YUM or APT, which can be used directly by the users.

Aptira Customised In House Tools - Custom Development Devops
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Everything-as-a-Service. Say Goodbye to Infrastructure Complexities, and Hello DevOps

One thing we’ve noticed is that as soon as we give someone Infrastructure-as-a-service, they always say “Great, now where’s DB-aaS” or words to that effect. Chances are your business really doesn’t want the ability to spin up a new VM in seconds, what you really want is new DB services, or a new application stack deployed. You want Platform-as-a-Service…

There are a lot of different approaches to delivering services on top of software defined infrastructure. They range from simple templated app deployments to complex ecosystems to manage your entire application lifecycle. In the same way you don’t really want to be wrangling hardware, you don’t want to get bogged down with the same operational lifecycle overheads as your competitors. That’s where our DevOps team comes in.

From simple Heat-template deployments up to large scale PaaS using Container Orchestration, Murano, CloudFoundry or OpenShift, we can allow you to develop, run and manage your own applications – without the overheads. Your tailored solution will empower you to focus on your business core values rather than infrastructure complexities.

Tailored Solutions

Everything You Need During the Application and Engineering Process

  • Standardised or custom development-as-a-service
  • Initial proof of concept, analysis, design and delivery of cloud technology solutions, as well as consulting, project planning and collaboration
  • Application, solution integration and automation – fully integrated, turn-key solutions
  • Development environment tools and platforms
  • Independent technology assessments
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery and version control
  • Databases, webserver services, load balancing and failover services
  • Green and brown-fields deployment, scalable and high availability environments
  • Auto package build, auto application development (containers, murano, heat etc)
  • QA, testing, benchmarking, monitoring, billing, usage and performance analysis
  • … and more
Aptira DevOps: Custom Development, Automation & Integration Ship

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