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Sure, you could follow the crowd with their traditional network functions – but doesn’t your business deserve something next level? Something with edge? Something with power? ONAP is that something. Don’t get left behind with old fashioned network services. ONAP is redefining network automation and orchestration, placing your business light years ahead of the crowd.

Open Network Automation Platform: ONAP

Automate your Network and Redefine Efficiency

Recently, the Linux Foundation launched the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) – a comprehensive open source platform that automates virtual network functions (VNFs) in software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) implementations.

ONAP enables real-time, policy-driven network automation and orchestration of physical and virtual network functions. This delivers the capability to design, create, orchestrate, manage and monitor the full lifecycle of VNFs and higher level services with ease. With ONAP, we can move your legacy networks into the software defined future.

Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform
Closed-Loop Automation
Increased Flexibility
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Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform


Successful Launches for the Largest Telcos

We’ve deployed SDN and NFV solutions into production for some of Australia’s largest telco’s, service providers and enterprises, helping them to address many of the key challenges associated with cloud networks. These challenges relate to scalability, time consuming and manual provisioning of new services, as well as the increasing costs and complexity which is often associated with increased user demand and traffic.

ONAP addresses these concerns, providing the ability to create, design and deploy network services in a fully automated manner. Telco’s and Service Providers can deploy new services on demand, allowing greater control over network services with lower operational costs.

  • Add new features quickly
  • Deploy on the fly
  • Dynamically introduce full service lifecycle orchestration
  • Metadata-driven and policy-driven architecture
  • Carrier-grade scalability
  • Closed-loop automation
  • One common portal to manage all components

Virtual Network Functions

Increased Flexibility & Scalability for Network Operators

Traditionally, networks were built using connected hardware devices. Each hardware device typically had a purpose – firewalls, load balancers, CGNAT, BRAS, border controller, DDoS protection, IDS, DPI (“Network Function”). Dedicated hardware devices are costly, and difficult to update. Driven by a desire for flexibility, the ability to scale-out rather than scale-up, and control cost by utilising cheaper hardware, network operators have started to consume these functions in a virtual way (“Virtual Network Functions” or VNFs). Network Function Virtualisation (“NFV”) has introduced new competition and business models into the market.

With no vendor lock-in, network operators now have increased flexibility, and new entrants into the market has resulted in a plethora of VNFs to choose from. Aptira has worked extensively with carriers and network operators around the world, in addition to being contracted by VNF vendors to integrate various VNFs to cloud and orchestration solutions. We have worked on projects using Clearwater, F5, Cisco, Cumulus, Noviflow, Brocade and more.

Aptira VNF: Virtual Network Functions
Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform Architecture: The Closed Automation Loop


Closing the Loop on Automation

With the exception of the ONAP portal where users can create and design their network services, ONAP is removing the need for human interaction. It does this by creating a controlled automation loop consisting of several layers.  An orchestration layer for application, service and network controllers (Cloudify), a data processing layer containing information on the current system and state of services (Telemetry), and a decision making layer which takes information from the previous layer and decides what to do with it before passing data back to the orchestration layer.

These main layers contain multiple additional components, making ONAP one of the largest and most extensive network management platforms used by some of the biggest Telco’s around the globe.

Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform

Open Networking Projects

You’re in Safe Hands with the LFN Founders

Aptira is a founding gold sponsor of the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) project, which brings together several of its network-oriented projects like ONAP, ODL and OPNFV into one governance unit. Alongside the other founding partners (and some of our drinking buddies) we’re defining the next generation of network orchestration.

Since The Open Network Automation Project was officially launched in February 2017, over 1000 people have joined and are continuing to work on merging OPEN-O (Open Orchestrator) and ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management & Policy) within the project. ONAP gives access to over 10 million lines of code, making it the single largest open source networking initiative in the industry today.

Multi-Cloud Instances

Deploy & Manage the Full Lifecycle of Applications across Multiple Clouds

With the help of our good friends over at Cloudify and their model-driven orchestrator based on TOSCA, ONAP allows us to deploy multiple virtual network functions in a multi-cloud or Multi-VM environment. If your network consists of a multi-cloud environment (such as multiple OpenStack deployments), those services can easily be managed within a single dashboard.

Aptira ONAP: Multi Cloud Network Orchestration
Aptira Partners: Cloudify

Aptira & Cloudify

Bridging the Networking World & IT through Orchestration

Aptira and Cloudify have been partnering to deliver solutions for open infrastructure, SDN, NFV and ONAP for leading Telcos & Enterprises in the region.

The relationship between Aptira and Cloudify began focused on a specific project to maximize the utilization and reduce costs of a large carrier’s MPLS network. The success of this project enabled Aptira to expand upon this into additional projects including IT, involving the new Cloudify capabilities for supporting Kubernetes and hardened security on OpenStack and VMware. The new support being shipped will enable additional adoption of the open orchestration concept, bridging the networking world and IT through a common orchestration platform.

Aptira has been delivering multi-cloud solutions based on Cloudify’s orchestration platform, including deep expertise around OpenStack and open networking projects, being a joint-member with Cloudify in the Linux Foundation Networking project, along with a community leader around OpenStack in their territory. 


Fostering Open Networking Communities Worldwide

At Aptira, we have a holistic & inclusive definition of Open Networking. We are committed to supporting the open networking community, and fostering open networking technologies world-wide.

That’s why we founded the Australian Open Networking User Group (AONUG) where you can meet other local open network enthusiasts and learn more about open networking. Things like Network Automation & ONAP, OPNFV, OpenDaylight and lots more. Come along, have a beer and discuss everything open in networking!

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