Software Defined Networking (SDN) & OpenFlow Training

Hands-on SDN & OpenFlow Workshop

Learn about SDN & OpenFlow from Instructors with Real World Expertise.

This 2.5 day SDN & OpenFlow Training allows students to get their hands dirty with some networking, SDN and OpenFlow experiments.

The first part of this course will cover hands-on experience with Mininet. Mininet is a network emulator which enables user to create a virtual network with virtual links, switches and controller. The workshop provides how to work with Mininet to create different topology and how to use a programming language (e.g. Python/Yaml) to create a custom topology in Mininet and integrate it with an SDN controller.

The second part of the course provides an introduction on different SDN controllers and their applications (modules written in Python) and then it shows how to create an application inside the SDN controller (e.g. providing a hub/bridge behavior on SDN switches) via python programming to manage the switches in the infrastructure layer.

The last part of this course is based on OpenFlow protocol and its structure. We show how SDN controller can manage the network by installing flow rules inside the SDN switches. You will learn about different type of OpenFlow messages and different properties of OpenFlow protocol. Finally, students do different use cases and capture the OpenFlow packets with Wireshark, which is a packet analyser, to analyse the OpenFlow rules installed by the SDN controller on the SDN switches.

Target Audience:

  • Network Architect
  • System Architect
  • Network operator
  • Network manager
  • Network programmers
  • Software Developers
  • Technical roles who intend to achieve practical experience with SDN architecture and OpenFlow

Structure: 100% hands-on labs

Duration: 2.5 days


Course Outline:

SDN Introduction


  • SDN architecture
  • SDN interfaces
  • SDN controllers

Environment Preparation


  • Mininet installation
  • SDN controller installation
  • Wireshark installation

Run Mininet


  • Creating network topology in mininet
  • Run reference controller
  • Analyse OpenFlow messages in Wireshark

Run SDN Controller


  • Creating network topology in Mininet via programming
  • Run SDN controller
  • Analyse OpenFlow messages in Wireshark
  • Investigating SDN controller UI interface
  • Crete an application on top of the SDN controller

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