Kubernetes is even better with Rancher

Having your environment deployed by Aptira’s certified Kubernetes administrators gives you extra benefits. You can now leverage from the fully supported Kubernetes Management platform – Rancher.


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Containers managed


Enterprise customers

The right support, everywhere

Whether it be a datacentre, cloud or edge environment – Rancher is an efficient enabler for delivering Kubernetes-as-a-Service.

Operate clusters with ease

Provisioning, version management, visibility and diagnostics, monitoring and alerting, and centralised audit.

Take control of Security, Policy and Users

Ensure your policies are both automated and secure across your environments, no matter where they are running.

Shared Tools & Services

A complete package of services for building, deploying and scaling, including app packaging, CI/CD, logging, monitoring and service mesh.

The complete platform for Kubernetes Management

Running multiple Kubernetes clusters can become a challenging task without the right automation. Rancher brings in these capabilities out of the box, providing development teams with integrated tools for workload management and enterprise-grade security.


Aptira Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Rancher supports certified Kubernetes distributions

Datacentre Support

RKE support for Certified K8s Distributions

Cloud Support

Support for major distributions including EKS, AKS, and GKE.

Dev, Branch & 5G/Edge

A certified lightweight distribution of Kuberneters – K3s

Integrate more with Rancher

Rancher also integrates with valuable tools for container operations, including Aqua, GitLab, Sysdig, Datadog, Artifactory, Portworx and Calico.


Production-grade container orchestration

Kubernetes is specifically designed for deploying and managing containerized applications at scale across all major public clouds and private infrastructure.