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We Design, Deploy and Manage Cloud Solutions to Meet the Most Demanding Applications.

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Managed Services

Adopt a Strategy to Create a Next Generation Platform 
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A Complete Hands-off Cloud Experience
Control your Cloud

DevOps &
Custom Development

Tools Designed to Make your Job Easier
Customise Your Solution

Network Automation

Automate your Network and Redefine Efficiency
Automate Your Network

Network Services

Remove the Complexity of Networking at Scale
Simplify Your Network


Orchestrate Your Application into the Future
Containerise Your App


Custom Tools, Planning, Development and Integration
Build Your Stack

Software Defined

Cost Efficient, Scaleable and Secure Storage Solutions
Secure Your Data

Machine Learning

Monitor your Application better than Humanly Possible
Monitor with Machines


Orchestrate & Automate your Technology Stack
Orchestrate your Application

Cloud Migrations

Simple Cloud Migrations with GEMINI
Upgrade your Cloud


Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Test your Packages

Cloud Solutions for Enterprise & Telco’s

We’re Transforming Cloud Technology

We specialise in the architecture, engineering, delivery and management of Cloud and Network Services. Whatever your business, we can assess your needs and help you to become more agile, achieve high velocity and deliver greater value. 

Each solution is comprehensive and tailor-made to suit your requirements, utilising state of the art infrastructure combined with best practice solutions. Trusted worldwide by service providers, government, educational and enterprise customers of all sizes, our team can design a solution that will increase your business agility and drive the next generation of revenue growth.

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An “always on” approach

Delivering applications and technologies to customers of all sizes.

We believe that your information systems and online services should have all the attributes of a basic utility. There is a standard perception that water or electricity is “always on” and we bring this same understanding to our services. Our aim is to become part of your team, a trusted advisor, a partner and a strategic asset to your organisation. We want you to spend more time focusing on your business.

View our range of Managed Services, designed to make your job easier. Let us make the most out of your cloud platform, while you get back to working on your core business.

Aptira Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Custom Solutions

Tailor made plans to meet to turn your business capabilities into a competitive advantage.

Complete Support

Kick back and relax with 24/7 follow the sun support from our engineers worldwide

Maintenance Free

Let your IT team work on your core business instead of troubleshooting and plugging in cables.

We do things Differently

We often employ unconventional methods that are solidly endorsed by our proven track record of effectiveness and efficiency.


Learn from Instructors with Real World Expertise.

Training from Aptira lets you learn about the latest technologies from instructors with real world expertise. Our trainers are our engineers with experience deploying and operating some of the largest and most complex  deployments.

We offer a range of online, on-site and customised courses including OpenStack, Docker, Ceph, Puppet, Linux KVM and Linux XEN:

How can we help you?

Let us turn your Business Capabilities into a Competitive Advantage.