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Aptira ApigeeCase Studies

Apigee API Translation

One of the challenges we’ve faced recently involved an API translation mechanism required to perform API translations among different component’s native APIs, delivering a response…
Aptira Apigee Central LoggingCase Studies

Apigee Central Logging

Completing a full-stack Private Cloud Evaluation is no mean feat. Central Logging by capturing and correlating information from all components, trapping and logging all required…
Case Studies

Apigee: On-Prem Vs SaaS

A large APAC Telco is building an Orchestration platform to orchestrate workloads that will be deployed in their Private Cloud infrastructure and spread across multiple…
Aptira System IntegrationTraining

System Integration

Why is System Integration Important? Building a solution out of one technology is generally not going to give you the best results. By integrating specific…
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