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With offices in Australia, India and Taiwan, we have led large distributed development teams in the open source community, operating some of Australia’s first OpenStack deployments, as well as some of its largest and fastest growing. Our engineers are responsible for designing, deploying and managing technology solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

Since Aptira was founded in 2009, we have been committed to providing consulting, managed services and technology training to help our clients. We engage with Open Source communities that are delivering innovative software defined technologies which allow our customers to realise the advantages of Cloud based solutions without locking them into vendor specific products. We have delivered nation-wide infrastructure, communication and application solutions that give customers rapid access to the agility and cost advantages of software defined infrastructure while they ramp up their investment in their own organisations.

Aptira Managed Cloud & Supported Technologies
Aptira Solutionaut: OpenStack Planning, Cloud Planning, Remote Managed Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

Consulting & Managed Services

Tailored Managed Services to meet your Custom Requirements

Our key value proposition is to provide high quality independent advice, consulting, delivery and managed services across the full gamut of Cloud technologies. Customers and services are our primary focus. We pride ourselves on remaining independent, providing our customers with the advice and services best suited to their needs – not those that lock them into technology providers. We engage with our customers in a collaborative and cooperative basis to ensure that they grow and learn as part of the engagement.

Let us do it for you

Managed Cloud

A Complete Hands-Off Cloud Experience

Our managed cloud solution provides a complete hands-off cloud experience, utilising state of the art cloud infrastructure combined with well honed traditionally engineered best practice solutions. From cloud planning and strategy, through to migration, testing and optimisation – this is the whole package. Let us make the most out of your cloud platform, while you get back to working on your core business.

Take Control of your Cloud
Aptira Kubernetes Container Orchestration
Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform

Network Automation: ONAP

Automate your Network and Redefine Efficiency

ONAP enables real-time, policy-driven network automation and orchestration of physical and virtual network functions. This delivers the capability to design, create, orchestrate, manage and monitor the full lifecycle of VNFs and higher level services with ease. With ONAP, we can move your legacy networks into the software defined future.

Automate Your Network

DevOps & Custom Developmet

Custom Development Services to meet your Requirements

Put simply, Aptira’s DevOps & Development-as-a-Service will provide custom, fully integrated, turn-key solutions encompassing various technologies to suit your business. If you have specific requirements, and there aren’t any tools on the market to suit your needs – let us know. Our Inventor of Solutionauting can provide you with a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements.

Build a Custom Solution
Aptira DevOps Follow The Sun Support
Aptira City Planet


Orchestrate & Automate your Technology Stack

By implementing orchestration, we can remove mundane tasks such as reproducing the same procedures over and over again, as well as simplifying complex procedures such as environment cloning. This reduces cost, improves speed and agility, is easier to maintain and allows sophisticated new services to be created from diverse assets, such as networks, application and infrastructure.

Orchestrate your Application

Network Services: SDN/NFV

Remove the Complexity of Networking at Scale

Aptira is one of the few solution providers on the cutting edge of Network Function Virtualisation that has deployed NFV solutions into production. Multiple times, with multiple vendors. Our network services address many of the key challenges associated with cloud networks; addressing security, volume and flexibility concerns to provide your customers with an uninterrupted user experience.

Simplify your Network
Aptira Network Solutions for Telco
Aptira Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Container Orchestration: Kubernetes

Microservices for MacroResults

Kubernetes is specifically designed for deploying and managing containerized applications at scale across all major public clouds and private infrastructure. This enables users to operate their own Kubernetes clusters on demand, or easily outsource their Kubernetes operations to orchestration experts – such as Aptira.  

Containerise Your App


We’re APAC For OpenStack!

Aptira is the leading provider of OpenStack services in the APAC region. We have successfully delivered clouds from the smallest enterprise deployment to the largest public clouds all whilst remaining independent from the major technology vendors and the expensive lock-in this entails. We specialise in private and hybrid OpenStack clouds, managed OpenStack services and planning, as well as custom OpenStack consulting, development and integration.

Customise your Stack
Aptira OpenStack Logo
Aptira StackBuffet OpenStack Continuous Integration: Build Packages

Software Defined Storage

Cost Efficient, Scalable and Secure Storage Solutions

In addition to traditional enterprise-class storage technology, many organisations now have a variety of storage needs with varying performance and price requirements. With this in mind, Aptira can provide a cost efficient, scaleable and secure software defined storage solution, customised to meet your requirements.

Secure your Data

Monitoring: Machine Learning

Detecting Anomalies within Complex Systems

Monitoring your application can be difficult. If only there were a way to make a machine do all the hard work for you. With Machine Learning, Aptira can provide better insight into your applications performance, and more highly tuned alerts on anomalies as they occur. 

Monitor your Application
Aptira Monitoring Machine Learning
Aptira: Customised In-House Tool for Consulting & Managed Services

Customised In-House Tools

Tools to Get the Job Done

We’ve developed a range of customised OpenStack tools designed to make your job easier. Each product we create has been based on real world use cases and is designed to drive innovation:

GEMINI: A Workload Migration Engine to simplify the migration process and automatically move existing workloads and VMs onto your new cloud platform.

StackBuffet: Build and test customised packages, enabling rapid access to updates and allowing you to deliver new features faster than your competitors.

Get GEMINIIntegrate with StackBuffet


Learn from Instructors with Real World Expertise

Prefer to do it yourself? Training from Aptira lets you learn about the latest technologies from instructors with real world expertise. Our trainers are our engineers with experience deploying and operating some of the largest and most complex  deployments.

We offer a range of online courses including OpenStack, Docker, Ceph, Puppet, Linux KVM and Linux XEN. We also offer customised and on-site group courses. If your organisation needs to focus on particular technologies, or needs unusual learning outcomes (eg sales/presales enablement, development techniques for cloud native applications) then Aptira can provide you with an unbiased understanding.

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