Remove the complexity of networking at scale

Who said you have to choose between speed and stability? You want a highly resilient, carrier grade virtualised network, and you want it without the limitations of yesterday’s hardware. Well, luckily for you Aptira has built a network that you can rely on. With the latest in Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN), our network services will launch you into the future of networking.


Network Services you can rely on

Aptira is one of the few solution providers on the cutting edge of Network Function Virtualisation that has deployed NFV solutions into production. Multiple times, with multiple vendors.

The promise is two-fold. Firstly, running traditional telco solutions on commodity hardware, rather than specialised ASIC-based devices. Secondly, being able to chain services together in minutes rather than weeks using Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities built into, or layered on top of your network infrastructure. Aptira can allow your business to use SDN and NFV to quickly adapt to market needs, whilst increasing the speed and flexibility of your network, controlling spend and removing bottlenecks.

Our network services address many of the key challenges associated with cloud networks; addressing security, volume and flexibility concerns to provide your customers with an uninterrupted user experience.

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Network Function Virtualisation

Experience the Hype with NFV

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) is one of the latest hype topics to hit the telco space. While NFV isn’t a pipe dream, it’s certainly heavy on the hype.

With Aptira’s Network Function Virtualisation services, manual provisioning and time consuming tasks can be automated and replaced by the click of a button, accelerating service delivery and improving productivity, and enabling rapid programmability across all phases of development, test, release and operation.

Software Defined Networking

Take Control with SDN

Aptira’s SDN Services allow you to configure and control your own network – and spend. Manual provisioning and time consuming tasks can be automated and replaced by the click of a button, accelerating service delivery and improving productivity.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of lower level functionality. Aptira can utilise a range of cutting edge open network projects and technologies to manage your network services including OpenvSwitch, VMWare, Open Contrail, Midokura and Neutron to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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  • Use an API to configure and control the network topology.
  • Control network policies like security, access and control.
  • Create entire multi-tier application architectures and topologies all within software, with a few clicks.
  • Modify this topology over time as user demand and traffic increases.
  • Agile rapid continuous upgradability
  • Geographically distributed
  • Service redundancy
  • Fast failure detection
  • Load balancing
  • Data aggregation
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform
Network Automation

Closing the Loop on Automation with ONAP

If you’re looking for complete network automation, check out what we’re doing with ONAP. ONAP enables real-time, policy-driven network automation and orchestration of physical and virtual network functions. This delivers the capability to design, create, orchestrate, manage and monitor the full lifecycle of VNFs and higher level services with ease. With ONAP, we can move your legacy networks into the software defined future.

  • ONAP
  • NFV
  • SDN
  • OpenFlow
  • Contrail
  • Midokura
  • Neutron
  • NSX
  • Tacker
Aptira ONAP: Open Network Automation Platform

Real World Insights

Network Function Virtualisation is a hot topic in the world of telecommunications, but concrete examples that add real value to the telecom network are hard to come by. A prominent network technology vendor asked Aptira to partner with them to deliver flexible framework to use in future NFV offerings of many different types.

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Learn About Networking from Instructors with Real World Expertise

Training from Aptira lets you learn about networking from instructors with real world expertise.

Our trainers are our engineers with experience deploying and operating some of the largest and most complex  deployments.

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Remove the Complexity of Networking at Scale

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