How can we make OpenStack work for you?

There’s just something about OpenStack. Not many people get it – but we do. The ability to look under the hood and see how it ticks. The tapping of thousands of developers keyboards fixing bugs and making improvements. The roar of a diverse community spanning multiple countries and cultures. We’re OpenStack veterans, building the APAC community from the ground up. The open source cloud is a jungle for some, but it’s a playground for Aptira.

We're APAC For OpenStack!

Aptira is the leading provider of OpenStack services in the APAC region. We have successfully delivered clouds from the smallest enterprise deployment to the largest public clouds all whilst remaining independent from the major technology vendors and the expensive lock-in this entails. 

We specialise in private and hybrid OpenStack clouds, managed OpenStack services and OpenStack planning, as well as custom OpenStack development and OpenStack integration to a wide range of service provider, government, educational, scientific and enterprise customers worldwide.

Our global team has experience operating some of Australia’s first clouds as well as some of it’s largest and fastest growing. Combining the learnings of the OpenStack community with Aptira’s local OpenStack capabilities will provide the best possible combination of expertise and experience in building highly secure, high performance, fully functional cloud platforms.

OpenStack Planning

Your Stack - Built for You

It’s important to get value out of your cloud platform, and this is simply not possible with a standard cookie-cutter approach to cloud. Aptira can provide OpenStack planning and build you a tailor made cloud strategy that will meet your organisational goals and turn your business capabilities into a competitive advantage.

If you’re looking for a complete hands-off approach to your cloud management, we can do that too – with our Managed Cloud solutions.

Aptira Solutionaut: OpenStack Planning, Cloud Planning, Remote Managed Cloud & Hybrid Cloud
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OpenStack Development

Boost your Productivity

We can give your IT team the productivity boost that your business needs by providing OpenStack development and consulting to meet your requirements. Software development is one of our pillars of competence, and we have completed projects for several leading storage vendors, government funded initiatives and education/research consortia. Our team can develop a solution that will drive innovation or we can work alongside you to provide mentoring and lead your team to achieve your development goals.

If you have specific requirements, and there aren’t any tools on the market to suit your needs – let us know. Our Inventor of Solutionauting can provide you with a customised in-house tool to meet your requirements.

OpenStack Integration


OpenStack’s large ecosystem, open APIs and flexible architecture are enabling organisations to keep up with market demand for new applications and big data analytics. Our OpenStack integration will provide easy integration of OpenStack into your business operations, enabling you to stay ahead of your competition without getting stuck on a huge learning curve.

We understand that you are probably looking for integration with your existing billing, monitoring and provisioning systems rather than having yet another system pushed on you. We can work with your existing infrastructure teams to get the desired level of integration between an Aptira implemented cloud and those systems.

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OpenStack Tools

Tools to Get the Job Done.

We’ve developed a range of customised OpenStack tools designed to make your job easier. Each product we create has been based on real world use cases and is designed to drive innovation:

GUTS: A Workload Migration Engine to simplify the migration process and automatically move existing workloads and VMs onto your new cloud platform.

StackBuffet: Build and test customised packages, enabling rapid access to updates and allowing you to deliver new features faster than your competitors.


Aptira founded and is the primary sponsor and host of the Australian User Group, and the Indian User Group where you can meet around 1300 “OzStackers” and around 5700 “InStackers”.

OpenStack Days

Aptira organises and hosts Open Source Days around the world, including OpenStack Australia DaysOpenStack India Days and Open Infrastructure Days.


Aptira organises Hackathons around the globe, including the first Hackathon in Taiwan, and an upcoming App Hackathon in Australia.

Join Us!

These groups are currently looking for speakers, sponsors and organisers. If you’d like to join us, please get in touch.

We Love OpenStack

Aptira in the OpenStack Community.

Led by Tristan Goode, a founding and 4 times elected member of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, Aptira is a Gold Member and is committed to supporting the community world-wide.  

The OpenStack User Group has recently evolved to cover more than just OpenStack. Including Compute, Storage, Networking and the myriad of associated Cloud technologies which have been pulled together under an “Open Infrastructure” banner. Aptira is the founder and prime motivator in Australia, India, Taiwan and Hungary.

If you’re looking for custom Development, Planning, Integration, or a complete hands-off approach to your cloud, Aptira are your partner of choice.

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