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A New Front in OpenStack Networking

OpenStack Networking Roll Cloud

Yesterday Aptira, Akanda and Cumulus Networks announced a partnership to deliver innovative network virtualisation and orchestration solutions on OpenStack using Astara and Cumulus networking infrastructure. You can read the press releases if that’s your thing.

At Aptira we’re really excited about this. Dave talked recently about needing new types of technology to allow organisations to innovate, and the OpenStack Astara platform on Cumulus Networks is exactly what we’ve been talking about.

These technologies give service providers the ability to not just streamline their existing cloud environments, but to also create entirely new offerings. A converged control plane with built-in overlay/physical interworking reduces duplication and enables high value hybrid cloud and NFV products. Entirely novel service chains can be created. 

But don’t take our word for it. Contact Aptira today and explore the what this new partnership can do for your business.

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