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Passing the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam

Aptira Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam (COA)

One of Australia’s Government owned service providers is moving their network operations to OpenStack. They’d like to continue managing their Cloud platform internally but do not currently have the internal expertise to manage this on their own.

The Challenge

Once the client had begun moving their network operations onto the new OpenStack platform to run their network functions, they quickly recognised that they lacked the in-house OpenStack expertise required to manage it efficiently. The client turned to Aptira to help the team increase their OpenStack skills and pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam.

The Aptira Solution

Aptira provided a full week of on-site OpenStack training to their team. This course provided all the technical knowledge that they need to pass the COA Exam, including:

  • What is OpenStack
  • An overview of all OpenStack projects, including Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder, Ceilometer, Heat and Swift
  • OpenStack Architecture
  • Virtual Machine provisioning walk-through
  • Horizon overview
  • Keystone architecture, including user management and keystone CLI
  • OpenStack message queue configuration
  • Glance Image management CLI and creation of custom images
  • Cinder Storage CLI and managing volumes
  • Linux Virtualisation basics, including hypervisors, KVM and Linux bridges
  • VM placement and provisioning
  • Instance management, including Nova CLI, boot/terminate instance and attaching a volume to an instance
  • Networking in OpenStack, including Nova-Network Vs Neutron, Neutron architecture and plugins, OpenVSwitch and Neutron agents
  • Managing networks, subnets, routers, ports and floating IPs
  • Ceilometer background, use cases, architecture, meters, pipelines and deployment
  • Heat architecture, services and configuration
  • Swift architecture, accounts, node types, partitions, zones and replication
  • Using Swift accounts, creating and managing objects, object server management, container server management, account server management, proxy server management, ring management and large objects

We also ran through a series of hands-on labs to give them the experience they will require to manage their in-house OpenStack platform:

  • Health checks
  • Test instance creation
  • Creating and managing users, roles, tenants and quotas, images and volumes
  • Check messaging
  • Configuring flat networking
  • Creation and management of VMs
  • Configuring VM metadata
  • Creating routers, networks, subnets
  • Associating floating IPs
  • Troubleshooting Neutron networking
  • Working with Ceilometer
  • Online installation – How to install OpenStack with internet access
  • Creating a stack

The Result

The training was delivered to 19 students by an on-site Aptira engineer. The class was split into two sessions (10 in one class and 9 in anther) so the engineers can provide more personalised training to a smaller group. All 19 students have successfully completed the course and significantly enhanced their OpenStack knowledge. As a result, they can efficiently manage their in-house OpenStack network operations and confidently sit for the COA exam.

We’ve also put together a quick OpenStack guide to help with last minute studying for the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam. The last chance to sit for the COA exam is September 15 2019, so if you require assistance with bringing your OpenStack skills up to speed before then – reach out to us. We offer customised, online and on-site group courses for a range of technlologies in addition to OpenStack. Including DevOps, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, KVM, Ceph, Puppet, SDN, NFV, Linux, TOSCA, Grafana, Prometheus, MySQL, Python and more. If your organisation needs to focus on particular technologies, or needs unusual learning outcomes (eg sales/presales enablement, development techniques for cloud native applications) then Aptira can provide you with an unbiased understanding.

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