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Play time is over

By 18/06/2015June 13th, 2019No Comments

Everyone’s seen Randy’s talk right? Great! Did you see termie’s talk? Yay!

OpenStack is doomed/needs serious work/needs a fork in it etc. This is true. It’s a struggle. So what’s next? Should we all pack up and go home? That would be one approach, but not ours.

We’re going to stop talking about installing OpenStack, and stop talking about running OpenStack, stop talking about supporting OpenStack. We’re going to do this because we’ve noticed that nobody cares about that stuff. Customers require you to do all these things, so it’s not a differentiator. It’s table stakes. It’s maturity.

Very few of our customers are actually talking about OpenStack. They’re talking about users, outcomes, solutions and applications. Sure, they want OpenStack, but it’s a means not an end.

So we’re going to be talking about building solutions on top of OpenStack or, even better, just building solutions.

We need to participate in the community to continue to develop OpenStack but it’s critical that we focus on customers. It’s not play time any more.


I’ll be expanding on this topic at the Australian OpenStack Meetup here. Come along, there’s food. And drink.

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