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Recent News for Aptira, Tristan and OpenStack, with booth babes

These past few weeks have seen a few articles and press releases posted that Aptira, myself and OpenStack have gotten a mention in.

Firstly, one that I’m sorry to say I missed the publication of back in March (sorry Rohan!), was a case study on the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organisation and how they scale from a few staff in off peak season to 1000’s of staff and volunteers in their festival season. Aptira is proud to sponsor and support the Mardi Gras organisation, as well as providing their virtual desktops in our cloud infrastructure with the ability for them to scale up as their demands dramatically rise in season, in April we also took over running their web site which experiences the same variations of load. Here’s the article in Computerworld.

Next up our awesome partners at Equinix did a case study on how we work with them and houes our main opeartions from their state of the art modern data centre in Sydney, SY3. Here’s a link to download the case study.

Next was two press releases that went out when Michael, Sina, Iain, Andy and I manned the OpenStack booth at CeBit a few weeks ago. Here’s Sina and Michael being booth babes.

The press releases were about OpenStack obviously, and we also did one for Piston Enterprise OpenStack, as we spent 3 days showing hundreds of people how we could build them an enterprise cloud in roughly 13.5 minutes, from complete bare metal and raw switch, using just a USB key. Piston really have OpenStack nailed. Here are the releases for your reading pleasure: and

At CeBit I had an interview with a very nice bloke, Stuart Corner, and what followed were a couple of articles in the Fairfax media. The first article I commented in was the very first mention of OpenStack (and Aptira for that matter) in the tier one media in Australia. I felt pretty proud of that, and even my Mum and Dad now think there’s something in this OpenStack stuff. Here’s the article:

It is true that OpenStack presents a unique opportunity for nations around the world to develop cloud solutions ground up, and I do hope our government (whichever way that game goes) soon do something serious to encourage investment in local talent and technology, else I see Aptira moving to Singapore or a myriad of places that have better investment regimes than Australia. The mining boom is gone, wake up Australia.

The second article from Stuart was a bit disappointing in 2 ways. Stuart should have checked facts about OpenStack adoption before publishing, and Angus should have been better informed. No, Rackspace was not first to launch OpenStack public cloud in Australia, Haylix beat them by well over a year, and it was a bit disappointing that Angus didn’t know of the efforts of the current deployers of OpenStack in the country. Most notably, providing a world class and world leading OpenStack deployment that aids serious stuff like genomics, bushfire and disaster research and a bunch of other good things, is not playing around (NeCTAR).

Good on Ruslan Kogan for continuing to lead online in Australia. I know Angus is very keen to do better press next time, which is great!

Anyway, it’s late I need to sleep…

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