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A Day in the Life of OpenKilda: Jon Vestal, Telstra

What is OpenKilda? Telstra’s VP of Product Architecture, Jon Vestal, discussed this in the Automation Forum at Layer123’s SDN NFV World Congress 2018 in Den Hague.

Jon presents Telstra’s dynamic global SDN network and what problems they solved with OpenKilda. He provides great insight into what sets OpenKilda apart from the other open source SDN Controllers available today.

Based in Singapore, Jon Vestal is a veteran of the telecoms industry with over 20 years of IT and telecommunications experience from engineering and operations to product development and sales. In his current role as head of product architecture, Jon overseas the team responsible for the enhancement of the company’s core network products as well as the design and delivery of strategic product initiatives including cloud computing.

OpenKilda is the SDN Controller for Global Networks. Designed to solve the problem of implementing a distributed SDN control plane with a network that spans the Globe. OpenKilda solves the problem of latency while providing a scalable SDN control & data-plane and end-to-end flow telemetry.

In case you missed it, our Solutionauts Simon Sellar and Dr Farzaneh Pakzad have recently written a series of articles on OpenKilda:

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