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OpenStack Day Budapest – Bringing Summit Spirit to a Local Level

Ecosystem growth and adoption was the key message at the 4th annual OpenStack Budapest Day earlier this year. As part of this OpenStack event, two prominent ecosystem members Aptira and Ericsson co-organised a full-scale one day conference with free upstream University training to educate developers about the OpenStack contribution process and tools.

Held at the Royal Castle Garden’s Bazaar, this sold out event attracted over 330 people from the greater CEE region, indicating a large growth from previous years. Featuring 27 local and international speakers and 25 sessions about OpenStack deployment, operation and user stories. Jonathan Bryce from the OpenStack Foundation started the morning keynote sessions, followed by Rob McMahon from RedHat and Simon Briggs from Suse. The keynotes were closed by a very interesting user story presented by Péter Gerner from ITSH who gave an overview of the Open Public Cloud effort of the Deutsche Telekom group, a public cloud provider project based on OpenStack operated partly from Hungary.

The original idea behind organising this event in the region was to bring the spirit of the Summits to the local level. It is important to note that we wanted to build a social space to connect the OpenStack community, as well as to provide valuable content to conference attendees.

Aptira is committed to supporting the OpenStack community world-wide, and organises many similar events and meetups in India, Taiwan and Australia. We really excited about next year’s events, and are doing our best to attract diverse ecosystem players and connect them with the local audience.

OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira - Jonathan Bryce
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira - Panel
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira - Marton Kiss
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira - Zoolander
OpenStack Budapest Days - Aptira - Jonathan Bryce

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