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The OpenStack Election – Representing YOUR interests

Representing your interests - OpenStack Election 2017

I would like to remind voters that this OpenStack Election is an election of the directors selected from individual members. Most companies that support the Foundation have already or are in the process of voting along company lines to represent their interests.

I would urge the voters to not vote for their employers but to vote in true democratic fashion: for who they think would best represent the interest of the individual members and their region.

The Board plays a very important role in the OpenStack ecosystem. Apart from providing guidance and direction to the Project at the management level, the Board ensures that the interests of all the different varieties of participants are looked after. The board also needs to ensure that project remains relevant and keeps growing in the right direction. The Board needs to ensure that OpenStack stays competitive with other emerging technologies. The balance between the needs of the users and the technical goals of the projects also need to be maintained by the Board.

The Board is one of the bodies in the OpenStack world that provides a voice for stakeholders around the world. I aim to keep working on increasing the voice of OpenStack customers, developers and operators worldwide, particularly in Asia, through my candidacy.
Please vote for me in the OpenStack Election so I can continue to represent YOU.

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