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OpenStack India Day @ Pune gnuNify 2014

The second OpenStack India day @ GNUnify Pune was held on the 14th of Feb 2014. The event is organised by Pune Linux User Group and Symbiosis University. This year we saw a fairly large turnout of over a hundred people. We were also glad to see a lot of new faces during the event this year. The OpenStack track for the event was focused towards driving up student participation in the OpenStack development process. The track had the following topics

1) Keynote and Introduction to OpenStack – Kavit Munshi (Aptira)
2) Interning @ OpenStack – Sayali Lunkad (OpenStack Intern)
3) Ironic Project updates – Rohan Kanade (Izel Tech)
4) Introduction to OpenStack Deveopment 101 – Pranav Salunke (Aptira)
5) OpenStack Scalability and Interoperability – Sajid Akhtar (Reliance Jio Infocomm)
6) OpenStack and Big Data – Deepak Mane (TCS)

After the keynote by Kavit Munshi from Aptira, Sayali Lunkad gave an interesting talk about her experiences as an OpenStack Intern and working with the Foundation. Sayali was selected through the Outreach Program for Women organised by the GNOME Foundation. Her project involved working with Ceilometer and Horizon. She had a lot of interest from the Students attending the meetup who wanted to know how they could get involved as well. Next, Rohan Kanade gave a very engaging and in-depth talk about the Ironic project. He was inundated with questions from the professionals at the event about Ironic and the progress being made by the Ironic team.

The next talk of the day was conducted by Pranav Salunke from Aptira. Pranav did a session on Introduction to OpenStack Development 101. The talk took the students through the various steps required to setup the development environment and the various OpenSource software required like Gerrit, Jenkins, Git etc. Pranav and Rohan also demonstrated live bug fixing by identifying a very small bug in Nova and uploading a commit using Git. Pranav also demoed how to fix bugs on the OpenStack documentation project by fixing a bug in OpenStack training manuals. This session was very well received by students and professionals alike.

The penultimate session of the day consisted of Sajid Akhtar from Reliance Jio Infocomm talking about the unique challenges in scaling OpenStack and how interoperability between various cloud providers may work. Sajid also gave an overview of some LSPE (Large Scale Production Environment) design fundamentals and considerations. The last session of the day was given by Deepak Mane from TCS about running big data and Savanna on OpenStack. He talked about the best practices and various design issues people could run into, while keeping his talk simple enough to be understood by students.

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