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Supporting the APAC region in the OpenStack Election 2017

Support the APAC region - OpenStack Election 2017

The community has been kind enough to nominate me again as a candidate for this years Board of Directors Election and thanks to your support, I have been able to highlight several key issues at the Board and with the Foundation.

  • Diversity: I have been critical in ensuring diversity and inclusivity are given due importance. I hope to continue to represent the user community at the Board.
  • Governance: My experience in working with the Board for the past two years has taught me a lot about the need for open and transparent governance.
  • Inclusivity: There is an unwavering need for inclusivity within the ecosystem. I find that the project stands at a crossroads and the right vision, leadership are required to ensure that OpenStack remains relevant in the ever changing IT ecosystem. I hope the community places their trust in me again to provide that leadership.

Please vote for me so I can continue to support the APAC region during 2017.

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