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Ansible Automation and Deployment

Aptira Ansible Automation Deployment

Everyone knows that the right tool for the trade makes work a whole lot easier. It’s a bonus for us when that tool is Open Source – We have a strong preference for Open Source solutions as they provide the most flexible and effective solutions without vendor lock-in which is often expensive and restrictive.

Over the past few years, we’ve been playing with Ansible – an Open Source orchestration engine used for automation, configuration management and deployment.


When it comes to customer projects, our aim is to provide custom, fully integrated, turn-key solutions encompassing various technologies to suit your business. Each piece of infrastructure is API driven, allowing complex deployments of network, compute and storage resources to be automated. Fast, repeatable deployments, minimised error rates and the flexibility to ensure that IT isn’t a drag on your business’ ability to deliver what your customers need.

We often use Ansible for customer projects, but our Solutionauts were so impressed with its capabilities that we also use it internally. We’ve built a custom OpenStack Lab with Ceph Storage and Ansible Playbooks, giving us access to resources on demand, rather than hosted externally. Win!


In keeping with our “teach a man to fish” policy, we’re providing Ansible training to allow our customers to experience the benefits of Ansible for themselves.

This is a 3 day intermediate course, covering all the core components of Ansible, as well as dealing with sensitive data via Ansible Vault. We’ll guide participants through installing and configuring Ansible, running ad-hoc commands, understanding modules, creating and using playbooks, variables and inclusion, task control, templates, roles and more. There’s also extensive labs to provide hands-on experience with Ansible.

We offer a wide range of technology courses designed to enable users to more efficiently manage their technology stacks – all of which are customisable to suit your specific requirements.


Alternatively, we can review your infrastructure to see what manual processes can be removed utilising a tool such as Ansible. If you have specific requirements, and there aren’t any tools on the market to suit your needs – let us know. Our Inventor of Solutionauting can provide you with a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements. Chat with us today to find out how we can make your job easier.

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