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Intentions & Contributions for the 2017 OpenStack Election

The voice of users and operators - OpenStack Election 2017

Before the OpenStack election draws to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind voters of my intentions for 2017:

  • More events, including bringing an OpenStack Summit to India
  • Build and solidify the OpenStack brand
  • Create an inclusive and harmonious ecosystem
  • Be the voice for real world users of OpenStack

If successful at this election, I will continue to build on the long history of contributions that Aptira has made to OpenStack at the Board level:

  • Championing travel support to bring more members to events
  • Calling for certification of training services and outcomes
  • Suggesting ops meetups
  • Arguing for the importance of diversity
  • Placing a greater importance on user feedback

So please vote for me during the OpenStack election 2017 so I can continue to align the goals of the OpenStack Foundation with real world users of OpenStack.

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