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OpenStack Election 2017: Vote for Kavit – The Voice of Users & Operators

We’re now at day 4 of the OpenStack election and it’s time to amplify the voice of real world OpenStack users – who better to do this than someone with real world experience. Kavit has worked on over 30 different production sites in the last 5 yrs and understands the end user journey.

Vote for Kavit to support users, operators and user groups.

Kavit has worked hard to give voice to the needs of the users and operators over his two terms at the OpenStack Foundation Board. Kavit understands what the users and operators of OpenStack need and has strongly supported the empowerment of the User Committee and the various user groups during his tenure.

To help Kavit promote the voice for real world users, please vote for Kavit in the OpenStack election!

 [tentblogger-vimeo 198980605]

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