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Case Studies

Swinburne Ceph Deployment

Swinburne University of Technology is an Australian public University based in Melbourne, Victoria. They need to set up a massive (think petabyte) storage system for their researchers to store…

EOFY Deals Ending Soon

ICYMI, We’re offering End of Financial Year discounts on all of our training courses, including:  Discounts for Multiple Courses Discounts for Pre-Payment Discounts for Training Bundled with Software Discounts for…
Jessica Field
Aptira Hybrid CloudTraining

How To Hybrid Cloud

Different organisations have unique experiences with their Cloud implementations. And no two organisations are the same. They range in size and the extent of their…
Jessica Field
Aptira OSN DayCommunity


The Open Networking technology landscape has evolved quickly over the last two years. How can Telco's keep up? Our team of Network experts have used…
Jessica Field

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